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Celebration of Life & 50th Anniversary

June 15, 2023
When you think of love, it can be the most wonderful feeling. It’s the butterflies and giggles you get to share with a special someone and the milestones you achieve with them. The team at Glen Meadows was honored to be a part of a celebration of love and longevity for Mrs. Mary Sue and her husband of 50 years.

Our Bella Care Hospice team was the one who helped put this memorable day together. Because of their generosity and thoughtfulness, Mrs. Mary Sue and her husband were able to enjoy this special time together. Our staff members also helped commemorate their anniversary just as we would for our own family.

Mr. and Mrs. Campbell met each other through Mr. Campbell's mother, who worked alongside May Sue at the hospital as an intake coordinator. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell said that the secret to a healthy and long relationship is to communicate, listen to each other, be patient, and communicate versus argue. During the duration of their marriage, they could only think of one disagreement between the two of them; and we have a feeling the only disagreement they may have had was over who loved who the most.

We all felt the love today and feel so grateful to be a part of this moment. Thank you to Bella Care Hospice for making this special day happen for our wonderful resident and her husband.

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